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Framework for STEM-CPD according to CPD-Ambassador principle – O2


Main goal: Establish a framework for sustainable STEM-CPD at European universities


The use of digital technology is essential in teaching and learning in higher STEM education. The framework for sustainable STEM-CPD will be based on the TPACK model (Mishra and Koehler, 2003) that describes technological pedagogical content knowledge that the lecturers need to acquire and the Constructive Alignment concept (Biggs and Tang, 2011) that describes a sound teaching design. It will include working approaches like co-creation and community of inquiry. The developments of the materials and the activities will be guided by ADDIE course development approach (ADDIE = analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation course development model). The framework will support the STEM-CPD open online modules (microMOOCs) (O4) and the course design of the Summer schools (O5). The framework will be demonstrated by the CPD activities (user cases) for the teaching staff in university STEM (e.g. chemistry) at both Bachelor or Master level (O3).

The main objective of this output is to draw the framework for STEM-CPD based on the TPACK model, resulting in:

  • giving foundation to the rest of the Os, using also the material developed by the other Os of this project,
  • co-creation of the train-the-trainer approach.




O2 Leaders: Stefania Grecea, Natasa Brouwer

Affiliation: University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


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