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Who we are

The European Chemistry Thematic Network Association (ECTN), is a non-profit making association registered in Belgium and is an outcome of six years of network activity (1996-2002). The Association was created to provide a sustainable future for the European Chemistry Thematic Network, a network funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus programme.

The European Chemistry Thematic Network Association has two acronyms, ECTNA and ECTN, which are exactly equivalent. The two acronyms were used historically to distinguish between the ECTN Association and the Network funded over many years under the Erasmus programme during which the Association was created. It has provided a sustainable future for the Network. This has been extremely successful and the Association has maintained a very active presence in European Chemistry Higher Education matters although the Thematic Network Action of the Erasmus programme ended in 2015.

Higher education institutions, national chemical societies and chemical companies comprise our members. There are currently over 120 members of the network coming from 30 different European countries and with associate members world-wide.

Expert European groups work on a range of topics and produce reports with a real European dimension. These reports and recommendations are available on our website. A multi-lingual series of tests that can be used for certification / validation of competence in chemistry at various levels is now available online. Associated E-learning facilities have been produced. The purpose of the tests is to validate the competence of all citizens, irrespective of their learning path. (See the Virtual Education Community Committee pages for more details).

We have also developed a framework for the bachelor, master and doctorate qualifications in chemistry and invite interested institutions to apply for a Eurolabel® called the Chemistry Eurobachelor®, the Euromaster® and the Chemistry Doctorate Eurolabel® (see the Label Committee pages for more details).

The ECTN is proud to be a supporting member of the European Chemical Society (EuChemS), an Associated Organisation of the International Union of Pure and Applies Chemistry (IUPAC), and a member of the European Alliance for Subject-Specific and Professional Accreditation and Quality Assurance (EASPA).

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the Association are:

  • To implement, consult or supervise programmes for the assessment of skills and knowledge in science and engineering, with the emphasis on chemistry.
  • To undertake education and training programmes, especially those concerning innovative approaches and technologies.
  • To operate as a consultant or assessor in programmes concerning education and training.
  • To provide certification of achievement when assessments have been carried out under appropriate conditions.
  • To cooperate with established professional or other associations in the furtherance of its objectives.
  • To extend the reach of all aspects of education in science and engineering beyond national borders.
  • To provide a European framework for first-cycle, second-cycle and third-cycle degrees in chemistry.



Main Contacts

ECTN Association

Cristina Femoni
President of the ECTN Association
University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy)
E-mail : president[at]ectn.eu

European Chemistry Thematic Network

c/o SEFI
39 rue des Deux Eglises
1000 Brussels, Belgium

E-mail : Contact[at]ectn.eu

President: president[at]ectn.eu

Secretariat: secretariat[at]ectn.eu; generalsecretary[at]ectn.eu

Webmaster: secretariat[at]ectn.eu

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