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List of publications

  1. N. Brouwer, I. Maciejowska, A. Lis, C. Machado, S. Grecea, J. Kärkkäinen, M. Niemelä, K. Kranjc, Č. Podlipnik, S. Prashar, V. Russo, O. Tarallo. The Need for STEM Continuous Professional Development at European Universities. VIRT&L-COMM 2020, 21. ISSN: 2279-8773. Link.
  2. O. Tarallo, V. Russo. STEM-CPD@Euni. Un progetto per lo sviluppo professionale continuo dei docenti delle discipline STEM nelle università europee. Chimica nella Scuola 2021, 3, 4-7.
  3. Maciejowska, K. Zięba,  B. Trzewik, N. Brouwer, S. Gracea, B. Pirok, J. Vreede, M. Niemela, J. Karkkainen, (2022). Rozwój zawodowy nauczycieli akademickich na wydziałach ścisłych, przyrodniczych, technicznych i inżynieryjnych: potrzeby i oczekiwania [in:] Dydaktyka akademicka – nowe konteksty, nowe doświadczenia. Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego,  203–217. Link.
  4. Brouwer, N., Grecea, Ş., Kärkkäinen, J.,  Maciejowska, I.,  Niemalä, M., & Schreuders, L. (2022). Roadmap for Continuous Professional Development of STEM Lecturers. In I.Devetak (Ed.), University Chemistry Teaching in the 21. Century (pp. 85-111). University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education, 2022, DOI:, Chapter available at:, Monograph available at:, DOI monograph



Reports & Outputs

  • Naples multiplier event report available here.
  • 2nd STEM-CPD Summer School flyer, 2nd circular, report.
  • 1st STEM-CPD Summer School short report available here.
  • Ljubljana-workshop final report available at the link.
  • Roadmap for STEM-CPD at the link.
  • The Evaluation Protocol is available at the link.
  • A template for design and development of a course in microMOOC format: pdf, MS Word
  • STEM-CPD framework: leaflet, brochure
  • Format for the design of the STEM CPD Summer School


Dissemination activities

  • The Summer School was presented as poster presentation by the Naples team in Bologna on the 3rd and 4th November 2022, in the occasion of FEDORA and IDENTITIES projects meeting.
  • During 64th Annual meeting of Polish Chemical Society (11-16.09.2022) POLISH SEMINAR “STEM CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN EU – DEVELOPMENT OF COMMUNICATION COMPETENCES OF CHEMISTRY LECTURERS”  has been organised. It  includes two workshops  based on mMOOC developed by JU team,  Bartosz Trzewik presentation “TWORZENIE I REALIZACJA MOOC DLA KADRY KIERUNKOW STEM – DOSWIADCZENIA I WNIOSKI PRAKTYCZNE” (Creation and implementation of MOOCs for STEM faculty – experiences and practical conclusions”)  and a poster entitled “STEM continuous professional development in EU – wyniki badań ​” (STEM continuous professional development in EU – research results).

  • Natasa Brouwer, on behalf of the IO1 core team, presented “Roadmap for continuous professional development of STEM lecturers” during 9TH EUROPEAN VARIETY IN UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY EDUCATION CONFERENCE, Ljubljana, Slovenia (7-9.07.2021). presentation available there: O1 Roadmap (
  • During 63th Annual meeting of Polish Chemical Society (13-17.09.2021) two presentations related to the project took place:
    • Bartosz Trzewik presented first JU mMOOC entitled “Communication between students and academics” in the work ” Jakość komunikacji ze studentami jako istotny warunek wysokiego poziomu nauczania na kierunkach STEM” (The quality of communication with students as an important condition for a high level of teaching in STEM)
    • Iwona Maciejowska and Aleksandra Lis talekd about the project and its survey in the work “Kompetencje dydaktyczne wykładowców chemii – projekt STEM-CPD@EUni” (Teaching competences of chemistry lecturers – the STEM-CPD @ EUnI project)
  • Katarzyna Zięba on behalf of JU nad IO1 project team presented “Rozwój zawodowy nauczycieli akademickich na wydziałach ścisłych, przyrodniczych, technicznych i inżynieryjnych: potrzeby i oczekiwania” (Professional development of academic teachers in science, science, technology and engineering departments: needs and expectations) in the framework of 4th Ars Docendi conference, Krakow, Poland (20-21.09.2021). Abstract (in Polish) available there: Program i materiały – Ars Docendi – Uniwersytet Jagielloński (
  • 2020.10.03 ECTN General Assembly.


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