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Main goal: Design of STEM CPD Summer School for CPD Ambassadors

O5 will lead to a unique European summer school format based on the STEM-CPD framework developed in O2. The participants of these summer schools will be university lecturers who will become CPD-Ambassadors and return to their home universities to organize STEM-CPD activities among their peers. The participants coming from different countries will share their expertise in the field in a European and international context. The format of the summer schools will enable an autocatalytic cascade process, where the learners of today will become teachers of tomorrow promoting continuous professional development (CPD) in teaching.

Teaching and learning materials will include examples of scenarios and user cases developed in O3 and the open online modules (microMOOCs) developed in O4.

The CPD-Ambassadors will bring a change in their local organization using different scenarios learned at the summer schools which will lead to both the improvement of the teaching skills of the local teaching staff and to the improvement of the quality of the BSc and MSc level courses at their institution and of the learning outcomes of the participating students.

STEM-CPD@EUni O5 intellectual outputs
The programme and the template of the Summer Schools were realized within the project. Two editions were celebrated. The first one took place in October 2021 in Krakow, Poland, and saw the participation of approximately 20 lecturers. The second one was held in Naples, in October 2022. Also in this case, around 20 lecturers from various European institutions took part in this event. The description of the course design: learning outcomes, description of learning activities, learning process assessment (certificate of CPD Ambassador) were the main topic of the activites.


Format for the design of the STEM CPD Summer School

Business plan for Summer School

CPD Ambassador Certificate
1st STEM CPD Summer School, October 2021 in Krakow (Poland).
2nd STEP CPD Summer School, October 2022 in Naples (Italy).


O5 Leaders: Vincenzo Russo, Oreste Tarallo

Affiliation: University of Naples Federico II – Department of Chemical Sciences (Naples, Italy)


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