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2nd STEM-CPD Summer School

The 2nd STEM-CPD Summer School is held in Naples, Italy from 2 to 7 October 2022.

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Reviews from participants

Noelia: “The summer school has given us the foundations to face new methods of teaching scientific arguments. In particular, the interactive classes where future CPD ambassadors have actively worked have made it clear to us the need for these tools. The school has been very well organized, especially in terms of content and related activities.”

Rosita: “I appreciated the interactive and dynamic relationship between teachers and students (me in this case) about the summer school. There were no differences between those behind and in front of the chair, the student was stimulated to participate, to realize and discuss own ideas about it.”

1st STEM-CPD Summer School

The 1st STEM-CPD Summer School was held in Krakow, Poland from 10-15 October 2021.