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Aim of the Working Group

The Working Group Eurolecturer Academy aims to establish an innovative, European Higher Education platform that will actively promote recognition of the continuous professional development of teaching skills (CPD) in higher education and support academics in it in the international context. The goal is to educate students to succeed in a changing world.

The ECTN Working Group Eurolecturer Academy is an evolution of the “Lecturing Qualifications and Innovative Teaching Methods” working group, which has broadened its focus to not only promote professional development for higher education chemistry lecturers but focus more in support and recognition (e.g. certification) of their efforts in adopting active learning approaches in university teaching and to connect them in a professional community. The ideas and how to realize those is described in the position paper (download).
For continuity, the products and publications of the previous working group are kept on this website.

Goals of the working group Eurolecturer Academy

  • further develop and rationalize the ideas described in the position paper, e.g. membership and certification framework
  • collaborate with the existing initiatives in this field (e.g. STEM-CPD @ EUni project)
  • connect with other existing initiatives in this field
  • start new initiatives to promote, enhance, and facilitate the set up of such European platform
  • connect with stakeholders
  • stimulate cooperation and partnership between the lecturers at different universities in their continuous professional development
  • stimulate exchange of teaching experiences in international context

Chair: Nataša Brouwer (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Vice Chair: Iwona Maciejowska, (Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland)

Associated members Working Group Eurolecturer Academy
Erwin Rosenberg (University of Vienna, Austria)
Matti Niemelä (University of Oulu , Finland)
Claire McDonnell (Technological University Dublin, Ireland)
Cristina Femoni (University of Bologna, Italy)
Simona Delsante (University of Genova, Italy)
Vincenzo Russo (University of Napoli, Federico II, Italy)
Noelia Faginas Lago (University of Perugia, Italy)
Stefania Grecea (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Bob Pirok (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Marek Frankowicz (Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland)
Artur Michalak (Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland)
Bartosz Trzewik (Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland)
Crtomir Podlipnik (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Peter Krajnc (University of Maribor, Slovenia)
Josefa Ortez Bustos (Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain)
Jose M. Mendez Arriga (Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain)
Daniel Tordera (University of Valencia, Spain)
María de los Angelos Peña Gallego (Universita de Vigo, Spain)
Laura Estévez (Universita de Vigo, Spain)