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Activity 1:
Session at ECTN Annual meeting and GA Amsterdam 2023

At the ECTN Annual Meeting and General Assembly from 13-15 April 2023 in Amsterdam, the Working Group Eurolecturer Academy will organize an open  session on Friday, 14 April at 11.00-12.30. (See programme)

In this session we will discuss why do we need a platform such as Eurolecturer Academy considering the following aspects (list is nonexclusive):

  • How to bring together lecturers in STEM, e.g. in Chemistry associated discipline from different universities and different countries to collaborate in education and improve the quality of education in the European / international context together?
  • How to improve recognition of competences of lecturers in European / Global context and support mobility of lecturers?
  • What are possible professional development activities organized in international context?
  • How to organize reliable and accredited certification of specific teaching and learning competences in an international context?
  • How to cooperate in the field of professional development of academic staff on the international level?

The session will be organized as panel discussion.

Welkom to register for the ECTN Annual meeting and join this session!

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