EChemTest® is developed by the ECTN Association and aims to evaluate knowledge and skills in Chemistry. It provides a means for the …

  • Professional worker seeking for career development and industrial mobility: of progression at work, of self-evaluation for motivation and starting a formal course or taking a national examination;

  • Student seeking for European Academic Exchange: of evaluation of the chemistry knowledge as well as the understanding of chemistry in a foreign language to undertake a period of study in another country, or to evaluate competence at a European level;

  • Citizen interesting in self-evaluating his/her knowledge in chemistry: to pursue life-long learning.

EChemTest® is a one hour test composed of up to 30 questions of different types, taken at random from a large question bank, covering the Euro-Curriculum Chemistry Program at four different levels equivalent to :

  • Pre-University Level 1: a person at the end of compulsory education (General Chemistry 1);

  • Pre-University Level 2: a person at the beginning of University studies (General Chemistry 2);

  • University Bachelor Level 3: a person at the end of the Core Chemistry Syllabus at the University Level as defined in the «Chemistry Eurobachelor®» (Analytical Chemistry 3Biological Chemistry 3Chemical Engineering 3Inorganic Chemistry 3Organic Chemistry 3Physical Chemistry 3);

  • University Master Level 4: a person at the end of a Master degree in one of the specialized chemistry area in agreement with the «Chemistry Euromaster®» requirement (Computational Chemistry 4Cultural Heritage 4Organic Chemistry 4).

EChemTest® examination is available in one of our official Test Centres. If you are successful you will be eligible for the «ECTN – European Certificate in Chemistry». If you are not familiar with automated tests, it is strongly recommended before taking any of the official assessments, to train yourself with our demonstration tests – ask for your free personal account now.

EChemTest® is an Internet-based service, running: 1. on several environments such as Windows (Internet Explorer 5+, Firefox 3+) and Mac OS X (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox 3+); 2. with Java interactive tools (Virtual Java Machine must be installed); 3. Unicode for all non Latin-character based languages (Cyrillic, Greek, Slavic).

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