EChemTest® is the electronic test product developed by the ECTN Association for use to evaluate knowledge and skills in Chemistry by running computer based Self Evaluation Sessions (SES)s articulated in sets of Questions and Answers (Q&A)s and organized as Libraries for different levels of Chemistry knowledge. It provides a means for the …

  • Professional workerseeking for career development and industrial mobility: of progression at work, of self-evaluation for motivation and starting a formal course or taking a national examination;
  • Student seeking for European Academic Exchange: of evaluation of the chemistry knowledge as well as the understanding of chemistry in a foreign language to undertake a period of study in another country, or to evaluate competence at a European level;
  • Citizeninterested in self-evaluating his/her knowledge in chemistry: to pursue life-long learning.

EChemTest® is a one hour test composed of up to 30 questions of different types, taken at random from a large question bank, covering the Euro-Curriculum Chemistry Program at four different levels equivalent to:

  • Pre-University Level-1:a person at the end of compulsory education (General Chemistry 1 (GC1));
  • Pre-University Level-2:a person at the beginning of Chemistry related University studies (General Chemistry 2 (GC2));
  • University Bachelor Level-3:a person at the end of the Core Chemistry Syllabus at the University Level as defined in the «Chemistry Eurobachelor®» (Analytical Chemistry 3 (AC3)Biological Chemistry 3 (BC3)Chemical Engineering 3 (CE3)Inorganic Chemistry 3 (IC3)Organic Chemistry 3 (OC3)Physical Chemistry 3 (PC3));
  • University Master Level-4:a person at the end of a Master degree in one of the specialized chemistry areas in agreement with the «Chemistry Euromaster®» requirement (Computational Chemistry 4 (CC4)Conservation Science 4 (CS4); Advanced Organic Chemistry 4 (AOC4)).

 Origin, motivations and evolution of EChemTest® are illustrated in detail in the section BACKGROUND. In that section, the different European Life Long Learning Projects which provided financial support to the effort of achieving the ECTN educational objectives for about 20 years are listed.

EChemTest® examination (the above mentioned sessions SESs) is available either in one of the ECTN National Test Centres (TC)s or in an Accredited Test Site (ATS) which are listed and illustrated in the Test Centres section. TCs and ATS are structures of a Higher Education Institution (HEI) which have signed with the ECTN an ad hoc agreement to run the SESs under controlled conditions and whose personnel has been trained for that function. In particular, within the Prosumer scheme, EChemTest® SESs are operated under the local examiner using the Open Source software EOL ( EOL is specifically designed for evaluating the knowledge of the candidates by proposing them a randomly selected subset of questions and analysing related answers.

The academic use of EChemTest® covers a wide area of T&L academic applications (like evaluating students’ dispersion, awarding curricular credits, training on laboratory practice, etc.). The non-academic use of EChemTest® covers instead individual and market oriented applications (like building lifelong learning curricula, delivering professional training, issuing Individual Proficiency Certificates (IPC, i.e. the «ECTN – European Chemistry Certificate») for international mobility and career advances, etc. Among non-academic activities run by the Agencies are the organization of commercial events, the issuing upon request of IPCs to candidates successfully passing a SES. If you are not familiar with e-tests, it is strongly recommended before taking any of the official assessments, to train yourself with the ad hoc demonstration tests (please forward the request to

TCs are increasingly getting involved in designing and implementing educational materials like LOs (Learning Objects), MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), audio-visuals and virtual reality applications in order to facilitate the approach to e-tests. EChemTest® is an Internet-based service running on several environments such as Windows (Chrome, Firefox) Linux (Chrome, Firefox) and Mac OS X (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and using Unicode for all non Latin-character based languages (Cyrillic, Greek, Slavic).

EChemTest® information and request at: