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Aim of the Working Group

The work group reviews and recommends updates for the core content of chemistry curricula at European universities based on the now >20 years old recommendations from the first two ECTN Network projects (1996 – 2003) and subsequently in the Tuning Educational Structures in Europe projects (from 2001). The modernization of the core chemistry content will take advantage of the recent “New Recommendations for the Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry at Universities”, published by the German Chemical Society (GDCh) in September 2021 and a related European wide online survey.

Members of the work group are: Lauma Busa (Latvia), Bill Byers (UK), Marek Frankowicz (Poland), Peter Gärtner (Austria), Sanjiv Prashar (ECTN President, Spain), Anthony Smith (France), Gergely Tóth (Hungary), Peter Weinberger (Austria), Hans-Georg Weinig (Germany, Chair)