Advanced Organic Chemistry 4

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Group Leader 

Prof. Oldrich Paleta, ICT, Prague CZ ( )


This test has been designed to evaluate a level of competence in synthetic organic chemistry equivalent to that of a person who has completed a master degree at University.


You may answer the questions in any order during 60 minutes.


The test consists of 20 questions covering a broad knowledge of Advanced Organic Synthesis topics given below.

Application field: 

Advanced Organic Chemistry (with emphasis on synthesis) (Poznan PL, April, 2009; Montpellier F, April 2010)


  1. Functional Group Transformations
  2. General Reactions, Aromatic Chemistry
  3. General Synthesis, Cyclizations
  4. Heterocyclic Chemistry: reactions, syntheses
  5. Mechanisms of Reactions, Reaction Intermediates
  6. Natural Compounds Chemistry
  7. Nomenclature
  8. Organometals and Organoelements in Synthesis (Li, Mg, Cu, Ti, B, Si)
  9. Pericyclic Reactions
  10. Physical Organic Chemistry, Photochemistry
  11. Stereochemistry, Structure Analysis
  12. Supramolecular Chemistry, Materials Chemistry
  13. Synthetic Bioactive Compounds: Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals
  14. Transition Metals: Allyl-Pd Chemistry
  15. Transition Metals: C-C Cross Couplings, Carbene Complexes
  16. Transition Metals: π-Complexes
  17. Transition Metals: Carbonylations
  18. Transition Metals: Cycloadditions
  19. Transition Metals: Hydro-reactions
  20. Transition Metals: Metathetic Reactions