Programme 4th STEM-CPD Summer School, 7-11 October, University of Palermo, Italy

The 4th STEM-CPD Summer School is an exceptional opportunity for university lecturers in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The programme is available on the website. Deadline application 1 March 2024.

4th STEM-CPD Summer School, 7-11 October, 2024, Palermo, Italy

The 4th STEM-CPD Summer School will be organized from 7-11 October 2024 at the University of Palermo, Italy. The STEM-CPD Summer Schools are dedicated to continuous professional development (CPD) in teaching and learning in higher education STEM disciplines …..

ECTN NewsLetter August

Find here the last Newsletter which discusses two projects conducted...


ECTN General Assembly 2022

It has been decided that the 2022 General Assembly of ECTN will take place at the Institute of Food Science and Technology, Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Buda Campus, Budapest, Hungary on 8 - 9 April, 2022. The meeting will...

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ECTN General Assembly 2021 – Registration Open

Registration for this meeting is now open via the meeting website at The ECTN General Assembly will be held on 11 - 12 September 2021 at the University of Perugia, Italy. Associated meetings for committees, the...

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ECTN General Assembly 2021 – Date Confirmed

It is now confirmed that the ECTN General Assembly will take place on 11 - 12 September 2021 in Perugia, Italy. There will be committee, work group and project meetings in the days before the General Assembly. All University of Perugia Covid...

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Workshop “How to design a MOOC?”

An on-line LTT event from the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 17th to 20th February 2021 The workshop with the title "How to design a MOOC?" was organized in the frame of the STEM-CPD@EUni...

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ECTN General Assembly 2021

It has been decided to change the dates originally chosen for the ECTN 2021 General Assembly. The 2021 ECTN General Assembly (GA) will now take place on Saturday and Sunday, 11-12 September 2021, at the Department of Chemistry, Biology and...

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Eurovariety 2021

The University of Ljubljana (ECTN member) is organising the 9th edition of the European Variety in University Chemistry Education conference from 7-9 July 2021, with a possibility of online participation. This is a meeting of chemistry lecturers,...

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ECTN Newsletter has been relaunched!

The European Chemistry Thematic Network Association is proud to announce that the new issue of the ECTN Newsletter is online! You can read the December 2020 issue HERE! In this issue, we highlight and promote all the activities of the ECTN in 2020....

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Latest news on the ECTN General Assembly 2020

The 2020 ECTN General Assembly (GA) will take place on Saturday, 3rd October 2020 ONLINE, from 11:00-13:00 CEST. All members are invited to attend, but it is mandatory to register in advance. The registration is free and is done through the...

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ECTN General Assembly 2020 will be held online!

The ECTN General Assembly 2020 will be organised as a Zoom online meeting on Saturday, 3rd October 2020, from 11:00 - 13:00 CEST. Filling the online registration form is the only way to confirm your attendance at the ECTN General Assembly. The...

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EChemTest® is the electronic Self Evaluation Session (SES) test service run by the ECTN Association ( through its Virtual Education Community (VEC) committee to evaluate Chemistry competences for: • Professional workers seeking career...

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