Biological Chemistry 3

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Group Leader 

Prof. Arne van der Gen, University of Leiden, NL ( )


This test has been designed to evaluate a level of competence in biological chemistry equivalent to that of a person who has completed the core chemistry syllabus at University.


You may answer the questions in any order during 60 minutes.


The test consists of 30 questions covering the topics given below. It starts with 15 questions at the introductory level, followed by 10 questions at the intermediate level and finally 5 questions at the advanced level of difficulty.

  1. Biomolecules 1: macromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates).
  2. Biomolecules 2: small molecules (building blocks, vitamins, hormones, prostaglandins, alkaloïds, antibiotics, terpenoids, flavonoids and gases).
  3. Reactions of biomolecules: mechanisms and functional groups, redox reactions, acid-bases reactions, Bioelements, metal/non-metal, trace and bulk elements.
  4. Biological environment:  water, pH.
  5. Chemical and physical factors: controlling bioelements and biomolecules.: selection, separation, recognition, chirality, solubility, membranes.
  6. Biocatalysis: enzymes.
  7. Bioenergetics: photosynthesis, citric acid cycle, fatty acid oxidations.
  8. Metabolism 1: anabolism (biosynthesis).
  9. Metabolism 2: catabolism (biodegradation).
  10. Bioanalysis: spectroscopy (n.m.r., fluorescence etc.) , diffraction, mass spectrometry, biomarkers, labelling.