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Results of the final stage of the

2018 ECTN European EChemTest Competition.

Ljubljana, Krakow, Prague, Budapest, April 16th, 2018


Participated: 19 students from 4 countries (Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary)


General Chemistry II:


1st prize:     

Benedek Juhas (Hungary)               95%

Vid Kermelj (Slovenia)                      95%

Barbara Kraus (Poland)                   95%


2nd prize:     

Dragan Victor Konstantin (Hungary)    92%

Dren Gruden (Slovenia)                          92%

Luka Kavcic (Slovenia)                            92%

Maciej Maciuszek(Poland)                     92%


3rd prize:     

Daniel Golec (Poland)                            91%


General Chemistry I:


1st prize:     

Vid Kermelj (Slovenia)                         99%

Barbara Kraus (Poland)                      99%


2nd prize:     

Dren Gruden (Slovenia)                 95%

Luka Kavcic (Slovenia)                    95%    


3rd prize:     

Daniel Golec (Poland)                    94%

Maciej Maciuszek (Poland)           94%


 Congratulations to all the winners!